TRI-PACK… is it Courier OR Airfreight ?

It’s long been known that the middle ground between Courier and Airfreight has been a difficult void for most importers to manage. The problem of shipments too large for courier to be cost effective and too small to negate minimum airfreight charges has now been solved…

Door to Door Small   Parcel Service
Weight Tariff within AKL Tariff outside Auckland
0-5kgs NZD 288.47 NZD 295.47
6-10kgs NZD 325.14 NZD 332.14
11-20kgs NZD 396.27 NZD 403.37
21-30kgs NZD 467.71 NZD 473.71
*Fuel/Security   Surcharges will be debited additional and will be based on Chargeable weight   applied
*NZ   Customs Clearance fees exclude customs compile fee or duty/tax disbursements   to be charged to consignee
Rates apply to   lower/deck cargo with a maximum height of 160cms
Rates are subject to   fluctuation in currency exchange rates and airline surcharges
Restricted Articles,   Duties & Taxes are excluded